What Are Major Causes Of Malnutrition In Children!

causes of malnutrition in children

There are some causes of malnutrition in children. A child becomes malnourished because of sickness in link with insufficient food consumption, not enough approach to food, and poor health facilities. The deficiency of safe water and sanitation and insufficient child and mother health care are common reasons.

Causes of malnutrition in children:

In the Uk, malnutrition in children is usually due to  long-term health states that:

Decrease in appetite.

Inappropriate digestion.

Energy demands will increase.

Examples of these kinds of states involve childhood cancers, congenital heart disease, cystic fibrosis, etc.

Some children suffer from malnutrition because of eating problems or habits or psychological state that means they keep away or waste food.

Malnutrition that occurs in children due to poor diet is less in the UK. However, it can also occur if a child is avoiding food, living in low-income status, or due to abuse.

Three causes of malnutrition in children:

It describes three main causes of malnutrition in children  are:


The immediate cause of undernutrition is because of polarity in the quantity of nutrients absorbed by the body. And the quantity of nutrients needed by the body as a result of very low food consumption or infection.

A child becomes malnourished because of sickness in contrast to insufficient food consumption. Inadequate access to balance diets, bad health services, the shortage of pure water and cleanliness, and insufficient child and mother health care are common causes of malnutrition.


Question no 1: Factors that play a role in child malnutrition?

Answer: Low mother education, the female age at the time of birth, the mother’s consumption of iron supplements during pregnancy, wealth conditions, and access to details were classified as key factors linked with malnutrition.

Question no 2: What is the best vitamin for malnutrition?

Answer: Niacin is the best for malnutrition. Niacin is another mineral that supports the body convert food into fuel. Its other name is vitamin B-3. A serious lack of niacin is usually named pellagra. Niacin is discovered in most animal proteins but also in peanuts.

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