Malnutrition Causes, You Must Know And Avoid!

Before knowing about malnutrition causes, we have to know about Nutrition.

Malnutrition Causes:

There are a number of reasons which cause malnutrition. Here below, these causes are broadly explained.

A Low Intake Of Food:

Some people face malnutrition because there is not sufficient food present or because they have problems consuming or absorbing nutrients.

These disorders may develop due to various malnutrition causes:


liver disease.

conditions that develop nausea or make it hard to consume or swallow using different medications that may cause eating problems. Because of nausea, such as mouth disorders, poorly fixed teeth may also become the reason for malnutrition causes.


Some kinds of medicine may also enhance your chance of increasing malnutrition.

Some medicines have irritating aftereffects, for example, making you feel ill and reducing your appetite. Or facing diarrhea, which could mean you consume little or do not utilize as many nutrients from food.

Mental Health Conditions:

Undernutrition or malnutrition can influence people with:


Mental illness.


anorexia nervosa.

Social And Mobility Problems:

Factors that can influence a person’s eating behaviors and possibly lead to malnutrition involve:

being not able to leave the house or get to a store to purchase food, realizing it is physically difficult to make meals living alone, which can influence a person’s motivation to prepare and consume.

Limited cooking skills.

Not having sufficient money for food.

Digestive disorders and stomach issues.

If the body does not utilize nutrients properly, even a healthy diet may not protect against malnutrition.

Examples of digestive states that may cause this include:

Crohn’s disorders.


celiac disease.

Long-term diarrhea, vomiting, or both.

Alcohol Use Disorder:

Drinking plenty of alcohol can cause gastritis or long-term injury to the pancreas. These disorders can make it difficult to digest food, absorb vitamins, and produce hormones that manage metabolism.

Alcohol also has calories, so a person may not feel a desire for food after drinking it. They may, therefore, not consume sufficient healthy food to give the body with necessary nutrients.

Health Conditions:

Some health states that can cause malnutrition involve:

long-term states that cause a decrease in appetite, feeling ill, vomiting, and variation in bowel behavior like diarrhea and constipation. These involve cancer, liver disease, and some lung issues like chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

You can also face malnutrition if your body requires an increased quantity of energy. Such as if you’re recovering after surgery or severe damage, for example, a burn. Or if you have any involuntary disorder like epilepsy or another type of convulsion.

Other Malnutrition Causes:

In some areas of the world, huge and long-term malnutrition can consequence of a deficiency of food.

In the wealthy nations, those most the chance of malnutrition involve:

older adults, especially when they are in the hospital or stay in the institutional care unit for a long time.

people who are socially linked, such as due to mobility health disorders or other reasons.


people healing from or living with a severe illness or state.

people having eating disorders like anorexia nervosa.


Question no 1: What are the main causes of malnutrition?

Answer:  An insufficient diet or a disorder absorbing nutrients from food cause malnutrition. There are many causes why this might occur, involving having decreased mobility, a long-term health state, or a less income.

Question no 2: What are the risk factors of malnutrition?

Answer: There are usual risk factors for malnutrition:


Mental illness is Advanced age, particularly if accompanied by dementia.

Dental health disorders.

Reduce appetite.

Severe head damage.

Severe infection.

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