What Is Balance Diet? Is Keto A Balance Diet?

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What is balance diet?

Many people wonder that what is balance diet(To read It in Urdu click Here). Is keto a balance diet or can we use keto in our normal routine? Here we will answer all of your related questions.A meal is all that we eat in a whole day. A stabilized meal plan is a diet that involves a sufficient amount of the minerals that we need in a day. Balanced diet contains six major meal groups for example , oils , protein group ,cereals ,vitamins ,minerals and fiber  .All these ingredients are in attendance in the meals that we consume .

Many food objects have distinct amount of minerals have in them.The needs of the minerals rely on the number of years ,genetic and physical condition of a person. Consuming a balance diet assist human beings support good healthy condition and decrease their possibility of sickness. Nutrition recommendation  develop with methodological confirmation. Therefor, it can be demanding to visit on high of contemporary guidelines and realize what to consume .

we usually perceive that it is obligatory for us to be healthful .But how do we  flatter good? Because to a balance diet plan .Now ,what is balance diet? why it is necessary?And is it similar for all? There are two types of bits of meals .Important ingredients and disease risks.

Balance diet:

Complete or perfect diet is one that meets all the minerals an individual requirements. Persons require an exact quantity of energy and ingredients to visit healthy. Food guidelines, which are considered to be good give all the ingredients a human needs. Without proceeding over the required ever day energy consumption. By consuming a stabilized diet ,people can receive the sufficient energy. They require and keep away from fast food ,or meal without healthy ingredients.

The United State Department of Agriculture(USDA) usually suggest the required guidelines of food pyramid.Meanwhile ,as nutritional knowledge has become different , they now suggest consuming meals from the five portions and maintaining a stabilized plate .As stated by USDA ‘s commendation , half of a individual’s plate should be made up of fruits and vegetables. The other half should be consist of cereals and meat or pulses .

They commend go along with every food with a portion of reduce fat dairy or another origin of the ingredients established in milk products. A stabilized diet is one that provide your body the energy it requires to task accurately .To receive the genuine nutrition from your meal ,you should use the maximum of your regular energy in new fruits ,vegetables ,cereals ,pulses ,dry fruits and protein products .


There are two major groups raw cereals and processed cereals .Raw cereals include all three portions of cereals ,which are the husk portion ,germ and seeds .The body fragments the raw cereals steadily. So they have lesser consequences on an individual blood glucose level. In addition ,raw cereals swing to involve many fibers and proteins than processed cereals .Processed cereals are refined and do not consist of three authentic parts.

Processed cereals also swing to have lesser protein a fiber. They can be a source of blood glucose adulterates. Cereals utilized to make the foundation of the government -accepted food edifice ,significant that more of an individual’s regular energy consumption come from cereals . Meanwhile the modernized recommendation guide that cereals should made up only one third of an individual plate.

Minimum half of the cereals that a individual consume per day should be pure cereals . Healthy pure cereals are :

  • White rice
  • Rye
  • Wheat
  • oat meal
  • Barley
  • Wheatgerm

The 2015-2020 Dietary Guidelines for America said that all individuals should consist of high in nutrient protein is a component of a daily diet. The recommendation said that this protein should made up a one-third of an individual protein. Meat and pulses are main origin of protein , an ingredient is necessary for actual muscle and nervous system growth and maintenance. Withdraw of upper portion and cutting off any able to be seen fat are easy methods to decrease the quantity of fat and lipoproteins in meat or meat products. Nutrient dense proteins alternatives comprise :

  • Chicken , high in fat meat ,mutton and pork
  • Fish and many other sea products
  • Pulses, beans ,legumes and peas
  • Gallinaceous birds

Fats should be consumed minority . Oils may be used in salad dressings and for garnish purpose .Good fats such as olive oils can return fatty vegetable oils in your daily consumption. Keep away from highly fried meals because they involve highly dense calories. Oils may also include vitamins A,D ,E and K. The y are essential for the production of hormones and for the manufacturing of cell membrane also. They are insoluble in water. Fats are storage kind of energy include triglycerides and tri glycerol.


Dietary fiber is a kind of carbohydrates that cannot  be absorbed or break down by our body’s stimulant .It is established in safe to eat plan origin such as grains ,fruits , vegetables ,pulses ,nuts and dry fruits . There are three main types of fibers soluble and in soluble and starch resistant .All three kinds of fibers have necessary part of body .

Dietary fibers assist to remain the stomach healthy and is essential in assisting to decrease the chances of sickness. Such as diabetes ,coronary heart disease and cancer .Fiber hold out to the large intestine without break down where it is under go fermentation by gut bacteria. Soluble fibers and starch resistant  also work as beneficial bacteria. And help the healthy bacteria we have in our large intestine which are necessary for intestinal health.


Vitamin are  natural compounds that are necessary micro-nutrients. Which a person require in minute amount for accurate working of its metabolism. Necessary nutrients cannot be manufactured in the human body. Either at all or not in enough amount, and therefore must be acquire from dietary sources. There are two major kinds of vitamins fat soluble vitamins and water soluble vitamins.

Fat soluble vitamins include vitamin A ,D, E , and k.  Water soluble vitamins include vitamin C ,Riboflavin, Niacin ,folic acid , cyano-cobalamin etc. They are required in a proper amount to the body. Over dosage of these vitamins can increase the chances of toxicity . Meanwhile its insufficiency can also increase the risks of many diseases.


Water is inorganic , not having taste or odor and also colorless chemical ingredient which is main substitute of Earth as well as human body .A of 70% of  body weight consist of water. water holds out nutrients to all cells in body and oxygen to our nervous system . It can permit the body to suck and linked minerals ,vitamins lipids ,sugars and other ingredients. Our body eliminates toxic substances and waste material with the help of water. 

WHO recommendation:

Taking a healthy diet in whole life course assist to stop lack of proper nutrition in all its kinds as well as span of non viral sickness and states. Meanwhile rise the broadcasting of refined meals. It also increase rate of societies and making change in lifestyles have lead to make change in dietary eating habits. People are now eating many meals that are may be energy dense. Eg, high in fats ,sugar free or high in salt or high in sugar. And also many of people do not consume sufficient fruits ,vegetables and other fiber enriched products. Like cereals or whole grains. However ,the major rules of  what content of a good diet endure similar.

For adults:

A good diet involve following :

  • Fruits ,vegetables ,pulses ,lentils and pure cereals ,raw maize ,dry fruits rye ,oat ,wheat and rice or both kinds .
  • Minimum 400 g or at least five serving of fruits and vegetables each day , removing potato ,sweet potatoes and many other starch enrich foods.
  • At least 10% of whole energy consumption from free sugars , which is equal to 50 g for a individual healthy body weight using about 2000 calories each day , but generally is lesser than the whole energy consumption for  the sake of many nutritional profits.
  • The total energy consumption from fats for a normal adult will be at least 30% of their total calories consumption. Fats are basically of two types saturated or un saturated . Unsaturated fats consist of avocado, fish ,sun flower ,nuts olive oil ,coconut oil ,palm oil ,cream ,cheese and lard .It is recommended that the consumption of saturated fats be decreased to lesser than 10% of whole energy consumption and trans-fats consumption will be lesser than 1% for whole energy consumption.
  • Lesser than 5g of salt or salty products should consume one day.
For infants:

In the initial 2 years of a infant’s life ,most favourable nutrition promote healthy development and surpass attentive growth .It also decrease the chances of gaining excessive weight ,and becoming obese and gaining high risks of coronary disease in coming life. Suggest a good diet for infants and adolescent is resemble to that for adults, but these nutrients are also important given as follow:

  • Infants must be take breastfed excessively in initiating 6 months of their lives
  • They usually take breast feeding for at least two years .
  • Complementary food must be start to given to infants after six months but it may be free from salt and sugar or having minor amount of sugar and salts.

Recommendation of harvard school of public health:

Taking Harvard’s Healthy Eating Plate as a suggestion ,we suggested consuming mostly vegetables ,fruits ,fats  pure grains and good proteins . We recommend consuming enough water at place of  high in sugar drinks and we also suggest major dietary troubles such as salt ,sugar and alcoholic beverages. It is also necessary to remain strong and develop a good life style.

  • The kind of carbohydrates in the diet is most essential than the quantity of carbohydrates in the diet because some origins of carbohydrates like vegetables other than potato , fruits and pure grains ,legumes and others.
  • The Healthy Eating Plate also suggest to users to keep away from high in sugar drinks ,a major origin of energy generally have less nutrients.
  • The Healthy Diet Plat recommend people to consume healthy fats ,and it does not set a highest percentage of energy people should receive every day from healthy origins of fats .In this method , the Healthy Eating Plate suggests the against of the reduce-fat allowed for decemvirate  by the USDA.

Healthy eating  patterns of diet:

Healthy eating patterns help a healthy body formation and can assist to stop and decrease the chances of many disease throughout time span of maintenance ,growth ,and ripening as well as during gestation . The following rules be relevant to attaining the major suggestions .An eating pattern shows the entirety of all food groups and drinks eaten .

All foods eaten as component of a good eating behavior suitable simultaneously like a mystery to encounter nutritional requirements without crossing borders ,such as those for soaked fats ,in addition with sugars  and salts and total energy.All kinds of meals ,involving fresh, canned , dried and frozen can be involving healthy eating guidelines. Nutritional requirements should be encounter generally from foods .

People should objective to encounter their nutrients requirements because of healthy eating patterns that involve high in nutrients food. Food high in nutrition kinds include necessary vitamins and minerals and also having dietary fibers and other naturally happening items that may have positive health impacts .In sometimes, artificially adding food and dietary supplements may be beneficial in giving one or more nutrients that may be eaten lesser than suggested quantity.

Healthy diet and disease prevention:

It is indisputable that a highly balanced diet moves in close association with a healthy way of life .What you pick to consume ,and what you select not to consume ,are elements in fend off many chief chronic disorders and sickness. Food selection put a great effect on how you experience today, upcoming day and what the time ahead influence in conditions of advancing and supporting a good health.

The accurate diet can assist oppose states and sickness like heart disorders ,diabetes, cancer ,obesity ,under nutrition ,hyper tension and epilepsy between many others. The frightening fact is that fatness fetching very wide spread in children .Dietary practices that are developed in adolescent age more often than not hold over into throughout life.

This is why it’s evaluated administer healthy diet and nutrition exercises in youth. Confirm that adolescent have the accurate quantity of nutrients and meals from crucial food groups is key to stopping fatness. Caring blood pressure ,cholesterol and weight obstinate are major source  to decrease the chances of heart diseases.

Balanced diet in epilepsy:

The diet, which we can call a balance diet, from various food groups assists the body and nervous system. It helps to work properly ,assisting us to remain healthy. This may assist to decrease the chances of convulsion from some people in epilepsy . Preparing your own food allow more jurisdiction over what you consume, and some objects can assists make preparation protective if you have convulsions.

There are no particular foods that commonly activate convulsions ,as epilepsy is very separate. However there is a small proof that a balanced diet has a straight impact on convulsions ,it gives necessary nutrients and remains our energy state stable. A balanced diet may also assist you to remain a healthy sleep routine and remain healthy ,both which are good for overall health.

Receiving sufficient  sleep may assist to decrease the chances of convulsions for many people. A diet that is convenient for you may assist you to experienced positive ,more allow to concentrate and more in to jurisdiction of your life and suggestions about maintaining your epilepsy.

Balanced diet in hypertension:

Hypertension is also called increase in arterial pressure can be the source of veins injury that conducts heart disease ,kidney ,stroke and other issues .But there are some elements you can stop such as physical activity and meals. A meal plan that can assist to stop blood elevation high potassium, magnesium ,fiber and reduce in sodium.

The diet usually consume in hypertension are leafy greens are high in potassium for example spinach ,kale ,broccoli , lettuce ,red beets ,all types of berries ,skim milk and yoghurt ,oat meal, bananas , garlic ,herbs , dark chocolate ,pistachio, olive oil and salmon. Pomegranate juice is healthy to use in breakfast .

Dietary guidance for reducing blood pressure ,such as the dietary approach to stop hypertension (DASH) diet, having reduce your consumption of fat ,salt and alcoholic drink .You should consume reduce fat proteins and cereals and huge amount of frits and vegetables.

Best diet in gluten intolerance:

Keep away from meals having gluten ,a protein present naturally in whole grains like barley ,wheat and oats etc is condemnatory in attending to celiac disorder. Excluding gluten from your diet  will surpass signs, make better injury to you GIT tract ,and protect from more injuries over time. While you might be require to stop specific foods, there are a number of gluten free diets are present now a days.

You should keep away from all consequences that carry gluten ,such as more grains , cereals ,pasta and many procedure foods .Be aware to always observe food items lists attentively to be aware the meals you may want to consume doesn’t have gluten . Foods such as meat ,fish ,fruits ,vegetables, rice and potatoes without adding ingredients and flavoring  do not include gluten and are part of highly balanced diet . You should consume gluten excluded breads and other cereals products .

Best diet for obesity :

Many people require to decrease their usual kilo calories consumption in order to reduce weight .This intend to consume less meals .You should consume a huge types of healthy foods ,fruits and vegetables of many colors and flavors. All types of cereals and grains and cereals by products like wheat ,rye ,rice and barley etc . Lean meat and poultry ,fish ,turkey ,legumes ,lentils ,beans and other  high in protein things. Dairy products and milk or yoghurt consumption should also increased.

We should consume water extensively and also reduce the consumption of foods having additional salts, sugars and alcohol. Decrease fad diet of junk foods that suggest unhealthy experiences such as exclusively calories restrictions or avoiding our whole meal groups such as meat ,fish ,wheat ,milk and dairy products. These are not long terms can made you experienced sick and may also be the reason of un convenient danger effects such as difficulty in breathing ,diarrhea and severe pain in head .

Best diet for under weight :

For many people , obtaining weight or building muscle can be just as hard as reducing weight for others. Meanwhile , commonly addition specific meals to your diet can made your weight obtaining trials  both healthy and more effectives. Here some common foods are given to obtain weight by effective reasons.

Homemade protein smoothies:

Consuming homemade protein drinks can be an extensively healthy and fast method for obtaining more weight .You can joined each with 2 cups of milk or a substitute like almond milk. There are some kinds of milk shakes combine other ingredients.

  • Chocolate banana nut drink
  • Vanilla berry drink
  • Chocolate hazelnut drink
  • Super green drink

All of these drinks gives 400- 600 calories beside with a great quantity of proteins and other necessary vitamins and minerals .


Milk has been consumed as a weight obtainer or muscle gainer for decagon. It gives a great of proteins ,carbs and fats and is a healthy origin of calcium as well as other vitamins and minerals .For those difficult to gain more muscles. You should consume 2 or more than two servings of milk.


Rice is a pleasant ,reduce price carbs origin to assist you obtain , Just 1 cup of processed rice give 190 calories. It is also greatly high in calories , you can normally gain a huge quantity of carbs and calories from single cup. This assists you consume more meals, generally if you have a less desire.


Nut and nut butters are good selection if you are obtaining weight . Just a pinch of almonds include over 7 grams of proteins and 18 gra of healthy fats.

Red meat:

Red meat are in all likelihood one of the great muscle gaining meals present .Leucine is the major amino acid your body require to encourage muscle protein. Manufacturing and adding new muscle proteins.

Potatoes and Starches:

Potatoes and many starchy meals are very common and able to approach reason to addition in high in calories. Examples of high in starch corn ,oats ,quinoa and potatoes.

Salmons and oily Fish:

Similar red meat ,salmon and oily fish are good sources of proteins and high in healthy fats. Out of all the ingredients that salmon and oily fish gives, omega 3 fatty acids are between the most important and common.


Proceeding protein supplements is a important way for players and muscle-builders who desire to build weight. Whey proteins supplements and muscle builders can be very common and afforad able method to obtain weight.

Best diet for diabetes:

Estimate the best foods to consume when you are facing diabetes. The major aim is to remain blood glucose level highly jurisdiction. Meanwhile it is necessary to consume meals that assist protect diabetes difficulties like coronary heart disorders. Here are a over view of some best foods that should be consumed in diabetes.

Fatty fish like salmon, sardines and mackerel are important origins of omega-3 fatty acids ,DHA and EPA have many health profits. Leafy greens have low in calories and provide great heart effects . They are enrich of vitamin C and other minerals . Leafy greens are great origin of antioxidants. Cinnamon help to better insulin .

Egg also help to improve health . Chia seeds , turmeric, greek yoghurt , all types of nuts , extra -virgin olive oil , broccoli ,flaxseeds ,apple cider vinegar ,strawberries ,garlic and squash also put highly great positive effects on health of a diabetic person.

Unhealthy diet:

An unhealthy meal is one of the great endanger element for a variety of coronary disorders , involving cardiac disorders ,cancer ,diabetes and other states similar to over weight . Particular guidance for balance diet plan involve : consuming more fruits ,vegetables ,lentils ,nuts and cereals , avoiding salts ,sugar and fats. It is also  desirable to select unsaturated fats ,as an alternative of saturated fats. Making better dietary choices is a social legislation not just a personal issue .

However , multi -castigating ethnic applicable transportation.Studies said scary numbers for the commonness of overweight  and chronic diseases . Obesity and overweight are power full endanger elements coronary heart disorder and type 2 diabetes and are important  factor of early birth defects. Information collected for teenage 15 years and over from 16 regions show the high level of overweight.

A balance diet include meals from all six food groups like fruits ,vegetables ,dairy ,meat ,cereals and oils. The consumption of every food is essential for healthy growth and development. But unhealthy diet gives us many calories , too much sugars and salts. Sugar having high calories and may cause increase in weight. And also increase the chances of other chronic diseases.

Popular diet:

There are many types of diets that are consumed by people are given as follow:

Mediterranean diet:

Mediterranean diet is consists of fruits ,vegetables ,olive oil, fish and many other healthy ingredients. This diet is given to obese and heart patients.

DASH diet:

DASH diet is useful for the people who are suffering from hypertension and their blood pressure elevate at dangerous level. It include green leafy veggies and other foods that are high in potassium ,magnesium and low in sodium.

Flexitarian diet:

This diet includes fruits ,vegetables, meat ,cereals and plant proteins.

GM diet:

GM diet is used for weight loss it includes huge amount of fruits ,vegetables ,dairy products and lean proteins.

Keto diet:

Keto diet is used for epilepsy patients it is reduce carbs ,moderate protein and  high in fats.

(Click Here to read keto diet in Urdu).

Public health:

Public health is also called the science and art of protecting from disease, lengthening life and surpassing standards of life the whole time well maintained trials and well known selection of community ,group ,single ,society ,general and personal . Examine the impetus of health of a residents and threatening remarks it accepting is the foundation for public health .

The public can be as little as a pinch of people or as huge as a society and whole city , in the occurrence of wide spread it may surround respective cities.The idea of health receive into description physical ,mental and social fitness. As such in reference to World Health Organization, It is purely lack of disorder or frailty and more advance ,a fund for everyday life.

Public health is a synthesizing domain .For example epidemiology , biostatistics ,social discipline and maintenance of health efforts all are applicable. Public health goal to make better the standards of life through elimination and cure of diseases. involving nervous disorder. This is made through the observation of occurrence  health detections ,and through the encouragement of healthy actions.

General public health starters involve advertising of washing hands , and breast feeding , transportation of vaccination , suicide encouragement ,and  dispersal of condoms to stop the rate of sexually rated disorder. Present day public health application needs integrative groups of public health peasant and experts. Groups must be involved geneticist ,midwives ,doctors  ,managers ,nurses and health inspectors.

Similar in other states ,entrance to health caution and public health starters are hard dare in growing countries. Public health ground work are still making in those countries.


Nutritionism is a model that suppose that it is the experimental recognize ingredients in meals that control the merit of personal food materials in the meal plans . In other words , it is the purpose that the alimental merit of a meal is the addition of all its personal ingredients ,vitamins and other parts. Another features of the periods are the suggestions that the only point of consuming is to encourage of body health.

The term is mostly disparaging ,involving that this method of considering meal superficial and dangerous , and the period is generally used to tag other  perspectives. The ideas most important  objector and generalize of the period , at first ascribed to Gyorgy Scrinis the idea was generalize by Michael Pollan.

The key of studying nutrionism.

The key of nutritionism is the huge distributed but not observed supposition that the key to comprehension meal is to be sure the ingredients . Since the substances are un able to seen, it is now important to depend on nutrition professionals to made food selection. Because science has an deficient comprehension that how meal influence human body .

Pollan contend ,depending only details related to person nutrients has lead to people and law experts to frequently made sub standard resolution relevance to nutrition. Pollan hold responsible nutritionism for many of the health issues linked to diet .He contrast nutritionism to believes and ,depending on clergyman to explain the modern belief for the stacks . Like many religions , nutritionism has split the world into good and bad parts.

Nutritionism, in the eyes of Ben Goldacre.

Although what is better or bad can improve generally with time. Ben Goldacre said that nutritionism, or its credit to experts , is the “bollocks du jour “.and that it is operate by set of first year errors explain experimental data. In his suggestion experts ,professionals and and researchers carry and hold responsibility for nutritionism because they at time made un real assumptions.

Eat -well guide:

The Eat well guide describes how much of what we consume over all should consume from each group to attain a balance diet. You do not necessity to attain this stability but attempt to gain this stability over each day or in seven days.

Food from all food groups.

Describe collective Eat Well guide:

  • Fruits and vegetables
  • Potato ,bread, rice and other cereals
  • Oils
  • Dairy and dairy products 
  • Lentils ,beans and pulses
High in fat or high in sugar and salts foods should be consume in minute amount .

Drink plenty of water approximately 6 to 8 glass per day .Use reduce fat and reduce sugar milk and other beverages involving tea and coffee in addition. Reduce consumption of fruits substitutes and should consume 150ml per day .

Consume at east 5 portions of fruits and vegetables in each day.

Many between us are not consuming sufficient fruits and vegetables . They should be made from  one third of meals we consume each day. Goal to consume at least 5 portions of a different kinds of fruits and vegetables a day.Select from fresh ,frozen ,canned and dried.

Fruits and different kinds of veggies are enrich in vitamins ,minerals and fibers. Starchy foods should also reduced . You should made up just over a third of food we consume . Select enrich fiber pure grains , such as whole wheat , brown rice and potatoes.There are also enrich fiber varieties of white bread and pasta .

Starchy meals are better origin of energy and calories.

Milk and milk substitutes are enrich in protein and some other kinds of vitamins and minerals and they are also a good source of calcium which is necessary for the growth and development of bones and teeth. Lentils and pulses are good source of protein .Select lean meat and consume less red meat , Almost two servings of a fatty fish required in a week.

Is keto a balance diet?

As we defined earlier, balance diet includes foods from all six food groups but keto doesn’t contain food from all food groups.so it is not considered a balance diet.

Keto diet is not for everyone:

This diet has reduce in carbs ,high in fat and also excess in proteins .This diet is becoming more popular in present days .The demand of this diet is increasing especially the weight loss purpose . But the consumption of this diet is not suitable for everyone. It is causing many serious issues among people . In fact ,it is the major reason of people with diabetes ,who having 24 years age. Meanwhile many professionals suggest ketosis as general is not dangerous.

Some researches said that ketogenic diet is not helpful for every person. But it is safe for obese and overweight individuals. People usually suffers from vitamins and minerals deficiency during the consumption of this diet. People also feel anxiety ,exhaustion and other nervous disorders . It is extremely dangerous for heart patients , pregnant and breast feeding mothers. Diabetes 2 patients should avoid it. This diet may reduce the metabolism.


Question no 1: What is balance diet?

Answer: A balance diet include meals from all six food groups.

Question no  2: Which  foods  should be avoided in Keto diet ?

Answer : Starchy fruits and veggies , whole and processed cereals , foods that are high in sugar are avoided.

Question no 3: Is milk restricted in keto diet?

Answer: No, milk is high in protein it is not restricted in Keto diet.

Question no 4: What are types of fats?

Answer : There are three major kinds of fats saturated , un saturated and trans fats.

question no 5: how much water intake is required daily?

answer : A healthy water intake will be 6 to  8 glass per day .

Summary :

A balance diet include portions from all six food groups.  These six groups are fruits ,vegetables ,cereals ,dairy and oils . A healthy body requires 2 to 3 servings of fruits ,9 to 11 servings of  carbohydrates , 2 servings of milk and meat  and 2 to 3 servings of oils. Water consumption should be 6 to 8 glasses per day . The consumption of starch food should also be reduced .

The consumption of sugar ,salt and fats are also reduced. Eat well plan is resemble with food pyramid. It decrease the rate of epidemology and burden of  disease and improve the people health status. There are different kinds of diet like keto diet ,GM diet ,mediterrian diet and so on. Keto diet is highly demanded now a days because it is helpful in losing weight fast. But it is not a balance diet. Because it does not provide complete nutrition to our body.

In a nutshell, Keto meal plan is not suitable for every one. Because it may cause serious injuries in diabetic patients and people who are suffering from heart diseases. And we can not declare it as a balance diet to use in daily routien.

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