Arooj Fatima , Yasmine M.Ali

Arooj Fatima is a Biochemist, co-owner of "Ketopedia And Diet". She is a blogger and an active social worker. She has been culture ambassador of Pakistan at USA. Yasmine M.Ali is a Nutritionist and co-owner of "Ketopedia And Diet".

Death By Diet! Can Keto Cause Death?

death by diet

Death By Diet! Can Keto Cause Death? Almost 11 million deaths in a year are related to deficient diets around the world. As a world, we don’t consume sufficient healthy foods involving whole grains, nuts, seeds, fruits, and vegetables. At a similar time, we eat plenty of sugary beverages, a lot of salt, and excessively …

Here’s A Fat Loss Diet Plan For Females!

Fat Loss Diet Plan For Females

There are various methods and Fat Loss Diet Plan For Females that are helpful to lose weight quickly. That is why many diet plans make you feel hungry or unpleasant. These are major causes why you might discover it difficult to follow a diet. But not all diets have this impact. Low-carb diets are beneficial for …

List Of Healthy Foods To Lose Weight!

Healthy Foods To Lose Weight

Here’s a list of healthy foods to lose weight. Not all foods that have equal calories are the same. Various foods pass through numerous metabolic pathways in your body. They can have extremely different impacts on your hunger, hormones, and the number of calories you consume. Here are the 20 healthy foods to lose weight …

Prevention Of Malnutrition, And Treatment!

Prevention of malnutrition

Prevention of malnutrition includes directing the giving causes. Government companies, independent firms, and schools can take part in the prevention of malnutrition. Research recommends that some of the most beneficial methods to prevent malnutrition involve giving iron, zinc, and iodine supplements. Food supplements and nutrition awareness to people have great chances of becoming malnourish. Additionally, …

Symptoms Of Malnutrition, You Should Take Seriously!

Symptoms Of Malnutrition

When a person consumes too little or high food, symptoms of malnutrition appear. It happens when a person takes too much or too little of certain nutrients. When a person consumes food that is nutrient deficient or consumes insufficient food, the condition is undernutrition. A person with undernutrition faces a deficiency of vitamins, minerals, and …