Customized Meal Plan Delivery, For You!

Introduction To KetoPedia And Diet!

KetoPedia And Diet is here to provide you customized meal plan delivery service. These days, people are super busy, although technology makes lives easier but it brings many problems along with. Now most of the people are less active than earlier. Obesity is a big problem now a days, every one wants to loose weight. Dieting, I mean healthy dieting is the best option to overcome this problem. There are many other health problems which we can cure with right diet. As our slogan is, “You Are What You Eat”, so eat right to live right. A propper customized meal plan can make it possible. For this purpose, KetoPedia And Diet provides you with..

  1. The best scientific information in easy words. All this information is for free, so that you can choose wisely, either you will start a specific type of diet or not!
  2. Customized meal plan delivery(It’s meal planing only, donuts get confused with prepared meals delivery), so that you can eat right according to you body.

You Need To Know Your Body.

It means you should be aware of the root of the problem. You should be able to predict that either you have slow or fast metabolism, which is causing obesity or under weight condition.

You should know that how to calculate BMI, so that you can check on regular basis, either your weight is normal or not. Basically all you know about your body is, reason of the disturbance!

Services We Provide.

Basically, we provide two services,

  1. The best and latest scientific information about diet, for free. So that you can choose wisely, either you want to start dieting or not.
  2. Customized meal plan delivery service, which includes meal planing and counseling. Don’t get confused, it doesn’t include prepared meal plan delivery.

Types Of Meal Plans.

General Weight Loss Meal Plan.

Meal Plan For Specific Diet Type (E.g Keto Diet).

Weight Gain Meal Plan.

For Specific Illness.

What Info We Need, For Meal Plan Customization.


We need to know your weight, this will be used to calculate you BMI.


Height is also required to calculate BMI, and to know that either your weight iOS normal according to your age and height or not.


Same goes for age. Purpose of describing everything separately is to know about your consent.

Your Goal.

It is also mandatory to know about your weight or health goal to design a meal plan.

Previous Medical History.

You will also provide previous medical history to avoid any complication due to food which we will include in the meal plan.

Any Allergies.

Do you have any type of food allergies? Must mention! So that we can add some alternative food.

Cousin You like.

Finally, tell us about the cuisine you like, so that the meal planing is according to your taste!

Other Food Limitations(Personal, Religious or Cultural).

If there are any personal, religious, cultural or other limitations, mention them. We’ll also consider them while planning meal for you!


Personal Information.

Your personal information will be 100% confidential. And will never be shared or used any where, in any case, without your consent.

What Will Be Included.

It will include..

  1. Meal planing, 14 days or 4 weeks meal planing.
  2. Counseling about meals, if needed.
Time, like 14 days, or month.

Time can be adjusted according to your goals.


We are offering meal plan delivery only in $20 for now! This offer os for limited time only. We accept…

  1. Easypaisa.
  2. Jazzcash.
  3. Bank Transfer.
  4. PayPal.

To Order Meal Plan.

Go to “Contact Us For Meal Plan” or order on

Or fill the form given at the end of it!


Choose Wisely.

As we do care about you! We always advice you to choose wisely, whatever you are going to eat or opt. Know your body, know the food which you are going to consume, then decide!

Visit Ketopedia And Diet Or Contact Us For Any Query.

We have provided almost all basic info about diet and weight loss on If you have any query visit it, or contact us!

Note For You!

Note that we only provide meal plan delivery, not prepared meal delivery!

Choose wise, eat right, live right and always keep smiling.

Best Wishes From KetoPedia And Diet Team!

We wish you the best of luck for you health goals, and for your future!



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